Using Magician’s Tricks to Create Surreal, Mind-Bending Photos with Ronen Goldman

Conceptual photographer Ronen Goldman has spent a decade creating his “Surrealistic Pillow Project,” dream-inspired images brought to life using magician’s tricks to fool the eye and create a twisted reality. In our interview, we talk to Ronen about the ongoing project and what it means to him; plus, he reveals some secrets behind his creative process and offers some helpful tips.


How an iPhone-lit Long Exposure Became Album Art for a Famous Electronic Music Duo: Interview with Seanen Middleton

There is definitely a strong connection between music and imagery for me and it really is the best thing for putting me in that emotional, creative state of mind. I love anything atmospheric and dark, often with interesting and unusual components to it. I adore Bjork’s music for this very reason. It invokes this part of me that just wants to create something.