Select and Change Colors 18 Videos (4:06h)
  • 01 - Tutorial Introduction
    SCC 01_01
  • 02 - Tools and Techniques
    SCC 01_02
  • 03 - Simple Coloring: Textured Object
    SCC 02_01
  • 04 - Simple Coloring: Reflective Object
    SCC 02_02
  • 05 - Simple Coloring: Sky
    SCC 02_03
  • 06 - Simple Coloring: Clothing
    SCC 02_04
  • 07 - Simple Coloring: Gradient Objects
    SCC 02_05
  • 08 - Intermediate: Watch Band
    SCC 03_01
  • 09 - Intermediate: Dress
    SCC 03_02
  • 10 - Intermediate: Object in Hands
    SCC 03_03
  • 11 - Intermediate: Textured Gradient
    SCC 03_04
  • 12 - Intermediate: Tree Leaves
    SCC 03_05
  • 13 - Intermediate: Eyes
    SCC 03_06
  • 14 - Intermediate: Background
    SCC 03_07
  • 15 - Advanced: Product Color Variants
    SCC 04_01
  • 16 - Advanced: Hair (Make Darker)
    SCC 04_02
  • 17 - Advanced: Hair (Make Lighter)
    SCC 04_02 Part 2
  • 18 - Advanced: Car
    SCC 04_03
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How to Select and Change Any Color in Photoshop


Manipulating colors in Photoshop can be as much a creative endeavor as it is a necessary professional skill. With over 4 hours of step-by-step instruction, we cover the tools and methodology required to make any color change appear realistic and natural. Whether you’re a product photographer looking to gain an edge on the competition, a fashion photographer that wants their subjects to jump off the page, or a social media guru trying to stay up to date with the current trends (or create your own), this color replacement tutorial can help you get there.

What’s Included

16 Sample Images   |   1 Custom Photoshop Brush   |   18 Video Tutorials

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The Human Touch

With so much natural variation in color and texture, changing the color of eyes or hair can be a major challenge. We’ll break down how to preserve those details while getting the color results that you want.

Make Products Shine

Does your client have multiple colors of the same product? Impress them by photographing one and creating the others with the magic of Photoshop. Learn to accurately target and replace the color portions of the product and then add and accentuate highlights that will help it look amazing.

Professional Results

There are countless apps and programs that promise to instantly change any colors in an image. Pros will tell you it’s not that easy. We not only show the tools to transform color, but also the techniques involved to ensure that the new colors interact realistically with their surroundings.

Tools of the Trade

Adjustment Layers are the key to making color changes in Photoshop. We’ll cover everything you need to know about Hue/Saturation Adjustment Layers as well as how to use them in tandem with Levels, Curves, Gradient Maps, and more to achieve the best possible results.

Accurate Selections

You can’t get too far in Photoshop without understanding how to make precision selections. Need to color a camera or other small product? Try the Pen Tool for smooth, accurate curves. How about trees and leaves in the background of a portrait? Give Select Color Range a shot. There are countless ways to create selections and we’ll cover some of most effective methods to selecting and change colors in Photoshop.

Highlights & Shadows

In a perfect post-production world, everything would be a single color without any variation. The reality is that everything has color variation throughout highlights, midtones, and shadows. Learn to color highlights, midtones, and shadows independently for results both beautiful and realistic.

Separate Yourself

Selecting and changing colors in Photoshop can be a relatively easy task. Doing it with a sense of style and realism is the real challenge. Separate yourself from the crowd by learning how to alter colors while preserving and recreating crucial details.

See Your Progress

We provide 16 different examples organized by Simple, Intermediate, and Advanced skill levels so that you can confidently and gradually develop your Photoshop prowess. Start from the beginning to build a solid foundation or jump into the Intermediate or Advanced tutorials to test your mettle.

Stay Organized

A marquee skill of any creative professional is the ability to work efficiently and stay organized. Throughout the tutorial, you’ll see a professional workflow in action which includes fundamentals like working non-destructively and keeping your Groups and Layers organized.

This Tutorial Covers   |   Photoshop   |   Coloring   |   Tools & Techniques   |   Photo Editing


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    I love you phlearn so so much you are the best 😘😍

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    Very very good tutorial. Not only for the selection methods but also to the change color topic and the several ways to do it. Also the examples with several “issues” that usually are present when we do color changes, were perfect. No lets work …

  3. Rated 5 out of 5

    This is a great and useful tutorial. Changing colors in Photoshop and making the change look realistic was always a challenge to me and this tutorial really helps. What i also like is that now i know some concepts which i never knew before, even though i use Photoshop for more than five years. One of these concepts is the difference between the Hue and the Color blend modes. I used to try each of them and choose which looked more realistic, but having the knowledge of what each does makes it easier. I am very pleased with this tutorial!

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    Congratulations!! It’s really very cool, as you used to say in your videos:-))

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    as always, an excellent tutorial.

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    the tutorial is really a good job full of some super cool tricks! I am a pro retoucher working in e-commerce . The only part that you missed its actually how to turn a colour especially a little bit dark to white. I think this is the most hard part in colourising and there is not a really good tutorial online. thank you again for your work.

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    Another great tutorial that has taught me so much. Once again thanks.

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    Great tutorial, I especially liked the ‘adding environmental colours’, it’s the little touches that count. Have to go now I have years of practice to do to try and make Photoshop look as easy as you make it look. Thanks a lot to all the staff at PHlearn.

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    This tutorial was awesome!

    PHLEARN Staff
    Yay! We think it’s pretty cool too 🙂
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    Your tutorials are GREAT! I generally work through each one several times –and even take notes. One thing I wish you could do is make your cursor a little darker or something. Sometimes I can’t see exactly where you are working on an image and by the time I find it, you’re on to the next segment.

    PHLEARN Staff
    Thank you for the suggestion! We will think about how to address that as we record future tutorials.
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    Great tutorial. Load of info.

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    Very helpful information with useful and practical examples. If possible could you do a tutorial on removing glare from eye glasses. Thanks!

    PHLEARN Staff
    Yes! We have a glare tutorial on the calendar to release this year.
  17. Rated 4 out of 5

    Almost perfect. I learned lots of methods to solve some of the issues I find changing color to products as a product photographer. However, I missed some more systematic method to change color more as a batch, I mean. Sometimes I have to reproduce color from a sample to several colors that I have photographed and calibrated. I select and mask every different part of the product I will need to adjust, and then I would like to only sample the color and apply it somehow. Anyway, as always I thank you way to learn and the good samples. The speed of the course was perfect for someone how already knows how to use Photoshop layers, masks and selection methods. Thanks!

    PHLEARN Staff
    Yay! We are so happy you enjoyed it. As powerful and amazing as Photoshop is,
    there are still some specific tasks that take a lot of extra effort, especially when trying to apply batch changes across many parts of a photo.
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    Brilliant, thank you so much

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    Thank you so much for the kind words! That’s awesome that you are enjoying your Subscription!
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    Awesome! Happy to know you learned something new.


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